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Schedules of Condition

A Schedule of Condition can be undertaken for differing reasons. In relation to commercial property, they are sometimes appended to Leases as a way of stating the condition of the property at an exact moment in time.
In relation to residential property, these again are sometimes appended to Leases as a way of recording the condition of the property prior to a tenant moving in. 

Building surveys

Building surveys are a kind of 'health check' for buildings. If you are buying a property then we would recommend that a Building Survey is undertaken.
A survey can actually save you money in the long run. If there are serious structural problems or defects with the subject property then the cost of these works can often be negotiated against the sale price of the property.
We offer two types of Building Survey: full Building Survey/Structural Survey and Structure only.
A full Building Survey will provide a highly detailed report, designed around the client's specific requirements but usually commissioned for older, larger, more complex, dilapidated or much altered buildings.
A Structure only Survey will provide a more detailed report dealing with the main structure which will include the main load bearing fabric – roof, walls and floors. The purpose of this Survey is to identify structural problems. 

Schedules of Dilapidations

A Schedule of Dilapidations records the present condition of leasehold premises along with a description of the work required to meet the repairing obligations of the parties. We can act for both the Landlord or Tenant.
For a Landlord, we can prepare interim or terminal schedules of dilapidations stating what repairs are necessary for the Tenant to return the premises in accordance with their leasehold obligations which can include a negotiated settlement.

For a Tenant, we can prepare interim and terminal schedules of dilapidations to advise a Tenant what their repairing obligations might be upon Lease expiry. This will often include negotiated settlement with the Landlord.

This is very important in order that a Tenant can set aside necessary funds in advance of Lease expiry to meet their repairing obligations.

Contract Administration

The role involves advising and consulting with the employer from inception to completion of a contract. This will include the management of the contract between the employer and building contractor.

Insurance Reinstatement Valuation/Replacement Cost Valuations
The purpose of a Replacement Cost Valuation is to make sure a property is sufficiently insured in the event of some catastrophe where the property is damaged or completely destroyed. These valuations should be kept up to date at all times and most insurance companies will request you do so. The valuation will include the cost to completely reinstate your property including demolition, site clearance and professional fees.

Building Defects We can assist with the identification of defects in all sorts of buildings and prepare analysis and advice appropriate courses of action, together with estimated costs. This work might relate to commercial or residential property from flat roof leaks to problems associated with fungal decay. This will include an assessment of the cause of the problem and then preparing a schedule of the necessary repairs. This is occasionally straightforward, but often, especially with listed or older buildings, involves special techniques, and a good deal of lateral thinking.

Expert Witness

We provide expert witness services to clients and their legal advisors who require specialist reports and opinions upon building defects, unsatisfactory work by contractors, and occasionally, unsatisfactory reports of buildings surveyed by others. Our reports are normally used to settle disputes between contractors, clients and builders arising out of construction or contractual malpractice.

Dispute Resolution

We provide dispute resolution service to clients who require specialist reports and opinions upon building defects and unsatisfactory work by contractors. Our aim would be to bring the parties together and if possible, avoid the delay and expense of litigation.